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Tannest States in the United States

tannest people in united states

Tanning Bay Reveals Tannest States in the U.S.

We all love a good tan… some states more than others. We’ve ranked the top 15 tannest states in the U.S. with the tannest people based on Tanning Bay’s self tanner sales… some of them may surprise you!

tannest states in the US

Does your state rank in the top 15?

  1. California
  2. Florida
  3. New York
  4. Ohio
  5. Michigan
  6.  Arizona
  7. Texas
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Georgia
  10.  North Carolina
  11. Colorado
  12. Tennessee
  13. South Carolina
  14. Minnesota
  15. Virginia

You may be surprised to see two of the sunniest states at the top of the list. But just like the other states who made our list, California and Florida residents know that the only safe tan is a Moisture Tan Pro Self Tanner & Bronzer!


Ultraviolet Light Reveals Hidden Sun Damage [Video]

Your Skin’s Hidden Damage

We all know that the sun provides vitamin D and that too much sun can cause premature aging cancer, and other harmful effects of overexposure. Some of the signs of sun overexposure take the form of age spots, freckles, wrinkles, and moles, however some damage may not be as noticeable… unless seen under UV light.

What would your skin look like under UV light? What hidden damage would it uncover? Thomas Leveritt wanted to find out. This powerful video shows the sun’s hidden effects on your skin and how sunscreen works to protect your skin.

Watch this powerful video and you’ll never go without sunscreen again!

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Self Tanner Reviews for Moisture Tan

self tanner reviews

Self Tanner Reviews

Want the perfect bronze glow without tanning? Read our self tanner reviews to find out why customers think Moisture Tan is one of the best self tanners on the market.

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Sue C.
'I just wanted to say this is the 2nd time I've ordered this. I've used it all summer, and everyone thinks it's a tan from being out in the sun(which I usually do). I've been recommending it to all my sun tanning friends. I love it!'
5 / 5 stars

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Teresa Hamlin
'Moisture Tan is the best sunless tanner I've ever tried - no question. When I'm feeling pale, I rub some on my arms and face before work. By lunch time I have a beautiful tan - my face is a perfect color ... Awesome!'
5 / 5 stars

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Amy B.
'Just received my order and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! No orange, no tint of orange, your product is natural tan glow. Did I mention NO ORANGE! I have tried everything out there and now have found the holy grail of tanning. In 3 days I look like I've been to the beach! No clogged pores, no smell, just a beautiful tan. My skin is forever yours. Thank you so much, wonderful product and I can't be happier. Turned my sister on to the tanner and she is just as stoked as I am. Hip,Hip ,Ho-ray I need not look anymore, Moisture Tan Professional does what they say. Just as I was getting so use to being lied to! Thanks again for the fantastic tan!'
5 / 5 stars

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Michelle Oliver
'Hello! I recently ordered your Moisture Tan self tanner, and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is. I love it because it doesn't smell like self tanner at all and it actually produces dark results. Thanks for the fast delivery.'
5 / 5 stars

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Tom B.
'What difference your product makes!!! I have never seen any self tanner work like this! I have tried everything but the results from Moisture Tan are amazing. It looks like I go to the beach everyday!'
5 / 5 stars

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Nancy
'This product leaves a natural tan look. Several friends thought I have been to the tanning bed. Sure saves me time and money. I really like Moisture Tan. Thank you.'
5 / 5 stars

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Cally
'I am so excited to have found your product and relieved to stop searching for the perfect sunless tanner! My favorite one had been discontinued 2 years ago and I've been on the hunt since. Sensitive skin is my biggest issue and your product has not irritated my skin or caused any blemishes. Please do not stop making this product-its worth every penny! I have only needed to use it on my face, so that it matches the rest of my body and it looks so natural. Thank you for creating a product that stands up to its claims. Companies like yours are rare and a welcome breath of fresh air. Thanks!'
5 / 5 stars

Self Tanner and Bronzer
Written by: Eileen Overholt
'I just received my order and want to thank you for the prompt delivery! And I'm happy to say I can use your product because it truly has no offensive odor. I'm chemical sensitive, so was wary when I ordered, but your money back guarantee made me try it. Thanks again for your prompt shipment!'
5 / 5 stars

Best Self Tanners

We have thousands of other reviews just like these! Find out for yourself what makes Moisture Tan one of the best self tanners on the market. We’re so confident you’ll love our sunless tanners and bronzer tanning lotions that we’re offering a No Risk Guarantee. If you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money!






Easy Ways to Drink More Water and Why

how to drink more water

Why You Should Drink More Water

We know drinking water is great for our bodies for SO many reasons:

  • Improve Bodily Functions: every system in your body depends on water — at about 60% of the body’s weight, it is the main chemical component; it carries nutrients, flushes out toxins, keeps soft tissues moist and healthy, and keeps cartilage around joints supple
  • Healthy Skin: your skin is about 60% water — staying well-hydrated helps the skin look smoother, healthier and less irritated; water helps with collagen production, too
  • Weight Loss: drinking water can help with weight loss — studies have found that participants who drank a glass of water before a meal lost weight faster than those who did not (increasing water intake makes you feel full faster and it aids with digestion)
  • Stay Alert: water keeps the mind alert and boosts the metabolism — even mild dehydration can make it difficult to concentrate and can sap your energy

How Much Water Should I Drink?

But are you getting enough of it? Our bodies are constantly losing water through breath, perspiration, and waste elimination. To keep your body functioning properly, you need to replenish that water supply. Your personal consumption can vary depending on your health, your activity level and where you live. For example, pregnant or breastfeeding women need to consumer more water than they did before. It’s also important to hydrate before, during and after exercising.

The Institute of Medicine suggests an adequate intake for men is about 13 cups of total beverages a day, women should drink about 9 cups. So the “eight 8-oz glasses a day” is still pretty accurate advice — and easy to remember!

How to Drink More Water

For a lot of people, the complaint is that it’s hard to drink that much water because it’s just so boring. It’s really best to avoid the flavoring packets/drops at the stores because of the high sugar and unnatural ingredients; and lots of evidence is surfacing about how bad diet sodas are for you. So … how to make good old water more exciting (and still healthy)?

  • try sparkling water instead of plain
  • make ice cubes out of pure fruit juice to add to still or sparkling water
  • use frozen grapes as ice cubes
  • add chunks of fruit (pineapple, watermelon, honeydew melon, etc.) to a pitcher and let it steep in the fridge for a few hours
  • add slices of cucumbers or citrus fruits like lemons, limes, or oranges to your glass
  • add muddled mint leaves
  • make non-caffeinated herbal tea (mint, ginger, chamomile) into iced tea

Eating more of certain foods that are particularly high in water content is another way to stay well-hydrated. Foods such as strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumbers, tomatoes, and spinach give you the added benefits of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Have Trouble Remembering to Drink Your Water?

Set reminders on your phone if you’re having trouble taking a break to drink some water. For extra help search for “water consumption apps” and you’ll find cool stuff like:

apps to help you drink more water

waterlogged for iPhone

water your body app
water your body for Android

hidrate me water bottle
and even the awesome HidrateMe smart water bottle that syncs with an app on your phone to track consumption — and glows to remind you that it’s time to hydrate!

Water works for you, the point is to drink a good amount of water and stay well-hydrated for healthy and happy skin, body and mind.