Look Good, Feel Good: The Effects of Self Esteem

looking good and self esteem

How You Perceive Yourself Can Affect Your Self Esteem

Have you ever had a really good hair day? Don’t you just feel like you can take on the world? It’s no surprise that our level of self-esteem has a huge impact on every aspect of our lives. When you greet the day with a positive attitude and a healthy self-esteem, it can drastically improve every aspect of your life. Here are just a few things that can be improved by having a high self-esteem.


Studies have shown that dressing up can make you feel more powerful, which changes the way you see the world. Wearing formal clothing makes people think more broadly and holistically. This study proves that when you feel like you look better, that feeling carries over into your mental well-being and dramatically improves your overall attitude.


Along with improving the way you think, self-esteem can also have a huge impact on your creativity. The same study showed that those who wear formal clothing process information on a more abstract level than those who don’t. For example, Michael Slepian of Columbia Business School says:

“If you get a stinging piece of critical feedback at work, if you think about it with a concrete processing style, it’s more likely to negatively impact your self-esteem.”

Those who think in more abstract terms have a higher tolerance to criticism, which allows them to be more creative.

Ability to Learn

In another study, subjects were given a white coat and told that it belonged to a doctor. When wearing the coat, they were more attentive and focused. Researchers found that there is a direct correlation between your self-image and your ability focus and complete tasks.

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